The Mobile Water Giant

In response to the increasing demand for new ways to produce drinking water and building on the latest scientific findings, we developed an atmospheric water generator that surpasses everything that has gone before.

PHANTOR generates
Liters of water per day from the air

The Mobile Water Giant PHANTOR marks a new category in the field of atmospheric water generators. PHANTOR, as a high-performance mobile AWG, is designed for both stationary and semi-stationary use, unlike most conventional atmospheric water generators.

PHANTOR can extract up to 10,000 liters of drinking water from the air daily and thus belongs to the biggest AWGs.

The innovative design of the system and the integrated self-optimizing software set new standards in the field of energy efficiency of atmospheric water generators. This shows the years of experience in the field of energy systems and renewable energies of neoom group gmbh, the company behind the project. With PHANTOR, the concentrated know-how of the neoom hardware and NTUITY software team is driven to perfection.

"The global water crisis is one of the greatest threats humanity will face over the next few decades."

Global Risks Report, World Economic Forum

World population

With access to clean drinking water
With water pipe connection
Without access to basic sanitation infrastructure
Without access to clean drinking water

State 2017

As the world population continues to increase massively and water consumption increases even faster, the demand for mobile water generators is growing. For years the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report is reporting that the global water crisis is one of the greatest threats humanity will face over the next few decades. Global warming is changing freshwater lakes, rivers and streams. Groundwater is under threat from fracking, oil fields and oil transport, reports Greenpeace. According to a report by Science of the Total Environment desalination leaves potentially toxic brine, is extremely energy-intensive and is only possible locally near the coast. This means that humanity needs “new water”, e.g. through atmospheric water generators. PHANTOR, the mobile water giant, provides millions of people access to safe drinking water through state-of-the-art technologies and renewable energy.

Who needs a mobile water generator?

AWGs are used where water scarcity is a daily challenge: in remote locations, in dry regions or agricultural areas, during peacekeeping operations and catastrophes, but also for urban development.

In large Green Housing plants, drying equipment is used to keep the humidity in the greenhouse in the optimum range. At the same time, water is used for irrigation. These two activities can be perfectly combined with an atmospheric water generator: The processed water from the air is added back to the roots of the plants.

During peacekeeping missions or disaster operations, a self-sufficient water supply system must be set up temporarily. PHANTOR can be delivered immediately by container and produce drinking water on site.

The PHANTOR atmospheric water generator can supply a complete residential building, hotel or hospital with fresh water. In many areas this is more economical than a water pipe.

PHANTOR sets several new standards in the field of atmospheric water generators as a mobile high-performance AWG. PHANTOR is designed for both stationary and semi-stationary use. Self-optimizing software maximizes energy efficiency. Fail-safe operation is ensured by renewable energy sources.

PHANTOR, the high-performance mobile AWG

Current AWG on the market are often too small to produce sufficient water or too complex and only intended for stationary use. The mobile water giant PHANTOR represents the missing link in the field of atmospheric water generators and sets several new standards in mobile water extraction and water treatment. PHANTOR is designed as a mobile high-performance AWG for both stationary and semi-stationary use. In order to increase energy efficiency, the dehumidified and cool air is not simply blown out in the circuit, but fed directly inside the housing to the recooler for cooling the system.
In addition, PHANTOR can generate energy for the basic supply from renewable sources through a photovoltaic system on the roof. In combination with a power storage unit, power outages are no longer a problem. Depending on the application, a suitable operation strategy of the high-performance AWG can be individually selected.

Depending on the application, a suitable strategy for the operation of the high-performance AWG can be selected individually.

Hardware and software in perfect symbiosis

With a volume of 10,000 litres of drinking water per day, PHANTOR belongs to the top league of AWGs and at the same time provides innovative functions that open up completely new possibilities for added value for the operator. The system is equipped with a self-optimizing control system and secure remote access via the Internet is possible at any time and worldwide. Current weather data is continuously included in the calculation in real time, resulting in significant energy savings.

This shows the many years of experience in the field of energy systems and renewable energies of the neoom group, the company behind the project. With an uncompromising portfolio of energy storage and charging products under the neoom brand in combination with an intuitive energy management software called NTUITY, the neoom group is already showing today what the energy systems of the future must look like. With PHANTOR, the concentrated know-how of the neoom hardware and NTUITY software team of the neoom group is driven to perfection.

The inventors of PHANTOR

Walter Kreisel

CEO & Founder

Manfred Ledermüller

CTO & Co-Founder

Technical specs

With dimensions of 12.0 x 2.28 x 2.65 metres (length x width x height) and a weight of around 14.3 t, PHANTOR is robustly built and corresponds exactly to the container size of 40 Foot Standard High Cube. This makes it relatively easy to transport the mobile high-performance AWG worldwide by train with reduced emissions. The installed devices and materials are designed for minimum maintenance and maximum service life, in order to achieve an above-average reliability of PHANTOR.

Length12 m
Width2.28 m
Height2.65 m
Weight14,300 kg
Power supplymax 120 kW (400V, 50Hz)
4.8 kWh neoom® Li-ion off grid battery system for autonomous emergency power supply
 Oil free chiller system, contact free magnetic bearings for highest efficiency and low maintenance
Water treatmentCombi filter, UV-disinfection, mineralization, bacterial filter. Verified drinking water (above WHO standards)
Integrated water tank1000 liters
Integrated photovoltaics1.5 kW power
HousingSuitable for installation near the cost. Housing and steel structure in C5 coating
Measuring control technologyState of the art PLC with NTUITY® On Board (including visualization and remote control)

The thermodynamic simulation model of PHANTOR was developed in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria. Tests in the climatic chamber of the accredited test center Rail Tec Arsenal confirm the outstanding function of PHANTOR and show that the real results are in agreement with the simulation model.

[°C ]0,0112,5015,0017,5020,0022,5025,0027,5030,0032,5035,0037,5040,00
rel. F
Waterproduction per 24 hoursRail Tec Arsenal Austria
95 2 0553 0714 0395 1276 3517 7759 39610 24010 16810 67410 8907 573
85  2 4353 2934 2795 3616 5747 9778 7799 0788 6729 1176 143
75  1 82125503 4544 4185 5226 6037 6417 7698 0677 6294 938
65    2 6033 4494 4165 4696 5676 6996 6896 6854 634
55     2 4793 3084 2285 2016 3346 9816 3164 764
45       2 9363 7544 6835 7116 2744 428
35           4 7474 186
30            3 717
[°C ]0,0112,5015,0017,5020,0022,5025,0027,5030,0032,5035,0037,5040,00
rel. F
Energyefficiency in Watthours per litreRail Tec Arsenal Austria
95 427327289285282260260211210194183206
85  394328310301308268249253252229264
75  454415351329331365323319289283338
65    416383354352379366357338373
55     479419389395384377378394
45       484467443432425459
35           495532
30            582

Austrian drinking water quality

The drinking water produced by PHANTOR does not only comply with the worldwide WHO guidelines but also with the even higher Austrian standards.

The harvested water must pass through a number of filters, including activated carbon filters, UV disinfection, mineralisation and bacterial filters.

In November/December 2019, tests were carried out at an accredited testing laboratory to provide practical proof of the mathematical theoretical model.

It was confirmed that PHANTOR works exactly as calculated and that 10,000 litres of drinking water can be harvested per day.

On 25.11.2019 PHANTOR left the production halls for the first time and was transported by truck to the accredited test centre according to EN ISO/IEC 17025 near Vienna. Various values for air humidity and ambient temperature were simulated in the climatic wind tunnel on the basis of several test runs. Thus the mathematical model based on the PHANTOR could be verified. The test results confirmed the functionality, performance and efficiency of PHANTOR.

2700 years BC IMHOTEP went down in history. He was a high dignitary, inventor and the first great builder.

Imhotep wanted to build a much higher pyramid as a tomb for King Djoser than his predecessors. The supply of water for his workers was a fundamental prerequisite for this. Therefore he developed a machine, the Shaduf, and brought water from the Nile into the country. Shaduf provided people with drinking water and made it possible to grow vegetables and fruits.

Water meant life. Survival. That has not changed to this day.


We are constantly on the lookout for motivated people to shape the energy systems of the future together with us.

With us, the team is at the centre. Through our cohesion, flat hierarchies and corresponding creative freedom, we quickly implement innovative ideas. 


CEO, Founder


CTO & Co-Founder

Dr. Lothar





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