The PHANTOR 6000 started its Asia Road Show at the GREENTECH FESTIVAL in Singapore on November 17th and 18th, 2022 together with our partner Jebsen & Jessen – and was so successful that it is staying in Singapore! 

Anyone who wants to experience the PHANTOR 6000 live still has the opportunity to do so after the GREENTECH FESTIVAL in Singapore: Because thanks to the perfect climatic conditions, the water tank of our atmospheric water generator was full in no time – because of these dream conditions, the PHANTOR 6000 stays in Singapore! The first operation in Singapore led to the great success of the PHANTOR 6000 and also helped us to gain important operational experience! However, Singapore was not only worth a trip because of the tropical climate, but we were also able to convince our customers on site of our technology. In addition to its excellent performance, the PHANTOR 6000 also attracted attention as a particularly sustainable GreenTech product – alongside the Audi concept car – live on site at the extraordinary location in the Garden by the Bay. As a result, PHANTOR is now very well known to all GREENTECH Festival participants, including the Asian top pop star JJ Lin and F1 world champion Nico Rosberg – and is pleased about the intensive reporting from the media present! 

Since the PHANTOR 6000 is made for use in tropical areas, it will find many areas of application in Southeast Asia – such as in communities, buildings, industrial applications and as a water backup solution. 

We would like to thank the initiators of the GREENTECH Festival. Special thanks also go to our sales partner Jebsen & Jessen for their tireless efforts and for making the impossible possible. We are already looking forward to the next events – and the first assignments with our customers in Asia! 

The PHANTOR 6000 stayed with Jebsen & Jessen in Singapore because of this great collaboration. Come by, he’s already waiting for you! Inquiry by mail to:  

Find out more about PHANTOR’s commitment at the GREENTECH Festival Singapore here:

Veröffentlicht am 30.11.2022

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