The atmospheric water generator PHANTOR is currently producing pure drinking water on a Dubai hotel island in a pilot plant setup. The innovative atmospheric water generator is on an international tour and more stops will follow soon.


As 750 million people on earth do not have access to clean drinking water, and the risk of drinking water shortages is increasing sharply, solutions are urgently needed. In response to this high demand for safe and clean water, Imhotep.Industries developed an atmospheric water generator (AWG) based on the latest scientific findings. By condensing water from ambient air, the PHANTOR can produce up to 10,000l of pure drinking water per day to contribute to people’s self-sufficiency. PHANTOR can produce up to 10,000 liters of pure drinking water per day. Being a mobile AWG it can provide water for remote locations, infrastructure, and organic agriculture, without producing waste and with a minimized carbon footprint.

Developed in 2019, PHANTOR is not the first atmospheric water generator in history, but we believe it is by far the best atmospheric water generators, as the design of the system and the self-optimizing software set new standards in the energy efficiency: It achieves 30% higher energy efficiency than conventional AWGs by specially routing the already cooled and dried air. Control units adapt the optimal operation to the ambient and weather data. In combination with photovoltaic and battery systems, complete self-sufficiency and CO2-free drinking water production can be achieved. This innovation helps to conserve resources and reduce pollution in the world. The best water output can be reached in warm and humid climates. To prove PHANTOR can perform we sent it on a journey with destinations in several countries

First stop: Dubai

And where better to start that journey than on a group of islands called “The Heart of Europe” – being part of the even bigger archipelago “The World”, open for the entire world to come and visit PHANTOR?

“The World” is a visionary project, which from the air looks like the map of the world and consists of approximately 300 artificial man made islands. “The Heart of Europe” is Dubai’s “Little Europe” and is represented by six islands. 

Developed by The Kleindienst Group, The Heart of Europe has placed sustainability at its core in order to deliver the world’s most sustainable tourism project, which is also the world’s first ‘zero-discharge’ tourism project. Our partner THOE is developing vacation and residential properties on World Island, just 4km from the Dubai coast. 

At The Heart of Europe, there are 4,380 meters of white sandy beaches, 4,000+ trees and plants, sustainable jungles, thousands of coral reefs teeming with marine life, solar panels and a birds paradise. THOE implements important ecological and environmental solutions.

It is not a coincidence that on one of these Dubai hotel islands PHANTOR is currently producing pure drinking water in a pilot plant setup!

Desert island

But there are more reasons why we chose to set up PHANTOR at the world archipelago. 

“Even islands are connected by water” the poet J. Autherine wrote. This, of course, cannot be challenged. But is the water connecting the islands drinkable? Unfortunately, not. Especially the water of the Persian Gulf is getting more and more salty because tremendous desalination plants are used for drinking water production. In addition, those plants are powered by fossil fuels and therefore produce CO2. PHANTOR in contrast is an ecological alternative for two reasons: It does not affect the water and saves CO2. 

As the  islands do not have a drinking water pipeline from the mainland to the islands the water has to be transported there – in plastic bottles or tanks. This, of course, is not ecological due to the plastic consumed, the transport and ship traffic caused. 

PHANTOR allows the islands to be self-sufficent regarding their drinkable water, because the water can be produced where it is needed – directly on the islands. That means PHANTOR produces drinking water from the air humidity on the island, without producing waste and with a minimal carbon footprint. This process works best in the geographical area where Dubai is located. PHANTOR produces enough water to supply a complete residential building, hotel or hospital with fresh water. This way, the islands are truly connected by – and to the – water!

Innovation on the islands

As we know, the people of Dubai are very keen on innovative topics and technologies. Dubai is often called “the city of the future” and well known as a leading center for research and development in new economies. The emirate relies on futuristic ideas and therefore promotes an ecosystem for innovations and future-proof business models. 

We are glad to be able to demonstrate the potential of our highly innovative PHANTOR in this futuristic environment.

Next stop: Berlin

The journey of PHANTOR has just started – it will continue its successful tour in Europe. Our second PHANTOR in a smaller size will be presented for the first time at the GreenTech Festival in Berlin. This defines our current mission to establish an ecological mindset and partners around the world. We are looking for supporters to create a better future with new technology!

Veröffentlicht am 07.03.2022

Imhotep.Industries GmbH
Industriestraße 6, 4240 Freistadt, Österreich

photos: The Heart of Europe

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