The PHANTOR 6000 will start its Asia Road Show on November 17th and 18th 2022 at the GREENTECH FESTIVAL in Singapore together with our partner Jebsen & Jessen. The festival’s motto is #celebratechange and under those circumstances of course the PHANTOR 6000 shouldn’t be missing! 

To begin with the highlight: In the course of the Green Tech Festival, the atmospheric water generator PHANTOR 6000 will produce water from the air in the beautiful Gardens By the Bay and let all festival visitors and Singapore residents taste drinking water! 

In the course of its exhibition in Singapore, the GREENTECH FESTIVAL shows the spirit of wanting to make a positive contribution to the future of all people. In addition, the Green Awards in Singapore honor the most progressive projects worldwide, sustainable companies and long-lasting ideas in the categories Green Building, Community SGP and a special category in the course of an exclusive evening event. 

With 200 exhibitors and a large number of panels and keynotes, the GREENTECH FESTIVAL is the largest sustainability festival in Europe and is now in Singapore being presented in Asia for the first time. As the winner of the Berlin GreenAward, Imhotep.Industries will hand over the award to the new winners in Singapore. 

Around the world 

With its editions in Berlin, New York City and London, the GREENTECH FESTIVAL made clear its commitment to every region of the world. But why is Singapore the next stop on the map? 

The Singapore edition of the GREENTECH FESTIVAL in Asia focuses on sustainable urban planning and green building technologies. Singapore is the right place for this, as it points the way to other Asian nations on these issues. However, Singapore is not only committed to sustainability in the area of infrastructure. It is also in charge of the Singapore Green Plan 2030. This makes Singapore the destination for green technologies and sustainable business ideas in Asia!

Our answer to the increased demand for drinking water 

The mobile water giant PHANTOR produces up to 6000l of fresh water for areas without groundwater or seawater, for remote areas and as a backup solution for the water supply. Further applications for office buildings, hospitals, municipalities and even industry and agriculture open up new perspectives for generating water from the resource air! 

Singapore has a very high humidity of around 85%. Those are the perfect conditions for our atmospheric water generator PHANTOR 6000! That’s why PHANTOR will turn air into water live on site at the GREENTECH FESTIVAL in Singapore. With an output of 6000 liters in 24 hours, every visitor will be able to fill up their water bottle! The production will also be energy-efficient, because the PHANTOR 6000 has the most energy-efficient production process with the highest possible water output on the market and the lowest possible energy input. 

When producing drinking water, the PHANTOR 6000 only needs pure electrical energy of approx. 250 Wh/l water. After going through a series of filters such as activated carbon filter, UV sterilization and mineralization, the harvested water meets the highest international standards of drinking water quality! And all this without producing waste and with a minimal CO2 footprint. 

The PHANTOR 6000 is also space-saving: it has the format of a 20” standard container (6 x 2.3 x 2.6m) and weighs around 11 tons. The container standard format makes it better, faster and easier to transport. This means that the place of use can also be easily changed. The typical areas of application are regions without drinking water connections, remote construction sites, self-sufficient hotels and hospitals or industries that require the purest process water, from microchip production to hydrogen production and indoor farming. 

PHANTOR in Singapore 

In addition to the GREENTECH FESTIVAL in Singapore, the PHANTOR 6000 can also be viewed in Singapore at our partner Jebsen & Jessen. Viewing appointments can be booked at any time.


Flower Field Hall & Waterview Room (Flower Dome) 
Gardens By The Bay (GB)  
18 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore 018953 

Event Date:  
Thursday, 17 November 18:00 – 23:00 
Friday, 18 November 8:30 – 19:00  

Published on 07.11.2022

Imhotep.Industries GmbH
Industriestraße 6, 4240 Freistadt, Österreich

We are part of the Greentech Festival

photos: The Heart of Europe

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