From the Zicksee to the Panama Canal, global water scarcity was once again painfully apparent to us this summer. In the future, this crisis will become even more severe due to climate change, leading to extreme challenges and costs. But one resource is increasing due to global warming: air humidity. 

In order to use this efficiently and give everyone access to clean drinking water, our Innovation Lab Imhotep.Industries has developed the atmospheric water generator PHANTOR. PHANTOR can harvest water directly from humidity. PHANTOR 6000 up to 6000 liters of water per day, PHANTOR 10000 up to 10000 liters daily.

Numerous assignments in recent months and years have taken PHANTOR to Berlin, Singapur and Dubai, where he was honored with renowned awards such as the GREEN-Award at the GREENTECH-Festival, the Energy Globe Award and the German Innovation Award.

PHANTOR on a flying visit home

Now PHANTOR returned to his hometown, Freistadt, where he could be seen in action in the Free City. The gray giant also attracted keen interest from the media. “I was really impressed by the performance of the PHANTOR 6000 during the live demonstration!” said a delighted visitor. “I also found the best practices in Asia exciting!

Veröffentlicht am 23.06.2022

Imhotep.Industries GmbH
Galgenau 51, 4240 Freistadt, Österreich

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