“Earth is facing a tipping point,” said Earthshot Prize patron William, Prince of Wales. “Either we continue with business as usual and destroy our planet, or we solve the problem.”

PHANTOR, our water generator, has been nominated three times for the Earthshot Prize. The pre-selection and the possible award are based on the so-called “Roadmap to Regeneration”.

About the Earthshot Prize
The prize will be awarded annually for ten years in five categories, starting in 2021, and is endowed with one million British pounds each. “A decade of action to repair the planet,” as Prince William points out.

The award is backed by a global network, the Global Alliance, and partner organizations such as the UN Environment Programme, WWF and the World Economic Forum. The international board of the award includes actress Cate Blanchett, climate activist Luisa Neubauer and Alibaba founder Jack Ma.

A look back at the Eartshot Award 2022:


“Our technology can save lives, especially in the event of disasters or in regions with polluted water sources,” emphasizes our CCO Lothar Stadler. “We just have to keep in mind that 750 million people worldwide do not have access to clean drinking water.”

By extracting water from ambient air, our PHANTOR can generate up to 10,000 liters of pure drinking water per day, helping to make people self-sufficient. As a mobile generator, it can deliver water to remote locations, infrastructure projects and organic agricultural operations without producing waste or CO2.

Published 21.02.2023

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